Spiders with Alan Henderson from Minibeast Wildlife

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The following podcast is all about Spiders and the fascinating role they play in our Natural World.

Alan and Deanna Henderson are the founders of Minibeast Wildlife and have their own Bug Shop where they ethically breed captive-bred populations of insects and arachnids for education facilities or for those who are brave enough to want one as a pet.

You can find out more here on their website: https://www.minibeastwildlife.com.au/

Alan has had a fascination for invertebrates his whole life and has taken it as far as photographing these magnificent creatures with his passion for macro photography. THESE PHOTOS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!

Alan and his wife Deanna are also the founding members of the very popular live exhibits found at the Melbourne Museum and this is called “Bugs Alive”!

This episode will spark your curiosity and wonder for our 8 legged friends and you will want to know more…. I think Alan and Deanna will be regulars on our podcast sharing their passion and expertise.
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Enjoy the following Wild Chat!

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