What’s the real story behind Scurrah’s Virgin exit?

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Earlier this month, the Australian Aviation team welcomed Virgin chief executive Paul Scurrah on to this podcast to talk about his plans for the airline. And now, out of nowhere, he’s gone.

This week, a bemused Phil Tarrant and Adam Thorn discuss just what might or might not have happened? Did owners Bain do the dirty or do we need to give the new CEO the benefit of the doubt? Are the unions giving the new approach a fair go, or rightly standing their ground? And what does this mean for the industry?

Plus, the team talk more about the chaos and confusion caused by the one-way travel bubble with New Zealand. Who exactly is to blame, or is this just an unprecedented situation?

Finally, as Microsoft Flight Simulator gets its Harbour Bridge, Adam and Phil ask why it was omitted in the first place.

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