Kyle Pitts, Drake London and dissecting that furious Falcons comeback attempt vs. Rams | Falcons Final Whistle

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Scott and Tori make sense of that crazy game between the Falcons and Rams, analyzing how Atlanta got in trouble and how it nearly erased a massive deficit down the stretch. We also look at Kyle Pitts’ relative lack of production over the first two weeks, plus how Drake London has made a truly instant impact Timecodes: (00:00:15): Intro, recap of crazy loss to Rams (00:04:34): What to make of Falcons furious comeback attempt (00:12:30): Red-zone, third-down inefficiencies and what went wrong over first three quarters (00:19:27): What was said about Kyle Pitts’ lack of production in the early going (00:23:18): How Drake London has made an instant impact

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