The Non-Prophets 21.28 07-10-2022 with Cynthia McDonald, Cindy Plaza, Kelley Laughlin, and Nate Smith

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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.27 airing Sunday, July 10th 2022 featuring Cynthia McDonald, Cindy Plaza, Kelley Laughlin, and Nate Smith Segment 1: Shit Congressional Apologist Say: Rep Boebert’s Tired of the First Amendment - Kelley Leads Boebert says she is ‘tired’ of separation between church and state: ‘The church is supposed to direct the government’: The Hill/ By Brad Dress/ Published 6/28/2022 Kinzinger slams fellow Republican Boebert and warns of ‘Christian Taliban’ Segment 2: Establishment Clause and Freedom of Religion Muddled - Cindy Leads Supreme Court rules for former coach in public school prayer case: NBC News/ By Pete Williams/ Published Jun 27, 2022 The US supreme court is letting prayer back in public schools. This is unsettling: The Guardian/ By Moira Donegan/ Published 6/28/2022 Segment 3: The Slippery Slope of SCOTUS’s Decisions: Cynthia Leads Supreme Court Blocks New Majority-Black Louisiana House District: Bloomberg/ By Greg Stohr/ Published 6/28/2022 Experts: Brown v. Board of Education is Not Safe!: The Root/ By Jessica Washington/ Published 6/28/2022 Segment 4: Supreme Court Faux ‘Originalism’: Nate Smith Leads The Supreme Court’s Faux ‘Originalism’. The conservative Supreme Court's favorite judicial philosophy requires a very, very firm grasp of history — one that none of the justices seem to possess. Politico Magazine/ By Joshua Zeitz/ Published 6/26/2022 When the Supreme Court Makes a Mistake: The history of the Supreme Court is replete with outrages and abominations, but they can be tough to overcome: Politico/ By Peter Canellos/ Published 6/29/2022 Don't like ads? Consider becoming a patron for commercial-free episodes: We welcome your comments on the thread for this show. ► ► Contact us with questions or news stories at:

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