The Non-Prophets 21.27 07-03-2022 with Richard Gilliver, Zachary Shedd, Genevieve, and Josh Entner

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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.27 airing Sunday, July 3rd 2022 featuring Richard Gilliver, Zachary Shedd, Josh Entner and Genevieve What a wild ride, and just think this is only the beginning! Can we all get off this roller coaster? Yes, The Non-Prophets are talking about the worst Supreme Court decision next to all the next decisions they are likely going to make in the next few months. This time we decided to attack it a little differently. So come Sunday at 3:00 PM Central, sit back, relax, and we will all get through this together. For this episode we have a brand new conductor. Sorry Richard Gilliver, wish it was under better circumstances. He is joined by a newcomer, though you might remember him from Truth Wanted Live from UTSA’s Secular Student Alliance, Zachary Shedd! Again sorry the timing sucks! Rounding out the rest of the stellar panel we have Genevieve from That GD Show, and Josh Entner from Bloody Good Film Podcast. First up we discuss what it was like for women before the Roe Vs. Wade decision. Was it a perfect utopia of super protected babies and everyone was happy? Was it a barren hellscape fill of fetuses and rusty hangers? We got this history for you so you can go into these discussions better armed. Are you one who gets your news and daily topics from the internet? I assume that if you are reading this right now that is at least sometimes a yes. We all know that privacy of a woman’s body has gone away, but what people might not know is the dangers of even googling abortion topics. We look into some privacy and security tips to keep you safe and still fighting. So then what can we do? Well as a 501(c)(3) there are some limitations on what we can suggest. That doesn’t mean we cannot look into what others are doing. There are people from all walks of life fighting for their rights, for your rights, for everyone’s rights. From people marching on the streets to companies offering pay to those in states that made abortion illegal? This is something to keep an eye on! Finally this week, we figured we would change it up a little bit. To cleanse the pallet of all these sour tastes the week has brought us. We discuss a Looking Back of Churches v. Scholarships. Join us on a journey through time when Pope Pius X condemned the intellectual movement in the early 1900’s. Who would have thought over 100 years later he would start winning? This will wrap it up for this week’s episode of The Non-Prophets. We will keep fighting for the rights of everyone around us and hope you do too! Segment 1: Lessons from Before Roe: Will Past be Prologue? Guttmacher Policy Review By Rachel Benson Gold, March 1, 2003 Segment 2: DIGITAL SAFETY TIPS: FOR PROVIDERS OF ABORTION SUPPORT Electronic Frontier Foundation, By Daly Barnett, June 23, 2022 In A Post-Roe America, Googling "Abortion" Could Put You At Risk. Here’s How To Protect Yourself. BuzzFeedNews By Sarah Emerson & Emily Baker-White Segment 3: What are people doing to fight back? Input Mag By Andrew Paul, June 24, 2022 After Losing Roe v. Wade, How to Fight Back The Advocate BY TRUDY RING, JUNE 24 2022 Here’s How Philanthropy Can Protect Access to Abortion in a Post–Roe v. Wade World Guttmacher Institute By, Jonathan Wittenberg & Wendy Sealey, May 12, 2022 Segment 4: Churches v. Scholarship The Freethought Almanac By Ronald Bruch Meyer, July 3, 2011

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