The Non-Prophets 21.26 06-26-2022 with Cynthia McDonald, Kenneth Leonard, Teo El Ateo, and Malty

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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.26 airing Sunday, June 26, 2022 featuring Cynthia McDonald, Kenneth Leonard, Teo el Ateo and Malty! This week we have a power house panel. Leading off we have Cynthia McDonald. That means a Step in the Right Direction cannot be far behind! She is joined by friend and the Talkiest of Heathens Kenneth Leonard. Everyone’s favorite cartoon Teo el Ateo, and the facts man himself, Malty! Let’s get into the show. First up, or is it fists up! [insert ASCII fist here] *it looked better on facebook... We talk about Juneteenth. What it is, why it is important, and how it started. Would you believe there is a Texas connection to our latest federal day off? Makes it sad that due to bad policy decisions 15 states are not able to even teach about it! Up next, what happens if you get a Catholic school that wants to put up a BLM or Pride flag? Well you get the Catholic Church saying you cannot be a Catholic school anymore. The Bishop says seem me after class and then gave a Massachusetts school detention. Maybe it was all that note passing with that cute progressive ideas. Talk about two steps forward and one giant leap behind! Now, what if I told you faith can lead you to being pro-abortion? Sounds crazy right? Well in our next segment a rabbi explains why their faith leads them to the idea that abortion is ok. This might seem like a stretch for many, but it dose show that one person’s faith can lead to a different conclusion compared to another person’s faith. Let’s hope those ideas take off. Lastly, we Step in the Right Direction. How low can it go? Public belief in a god is limboing further and further. We are now at the lowest point in the history of the United States. Yay! We’re doing it! Belief is still very dangerously high, but comeon! Can we have just a little good news in the sea of sh*t? That will do it for this week. Keep it right here for the next next article dump and maybe more ASCII art! (shakes head vigorously) Segment 1: Juneteenth is Sunday. What's the significance behind the federal holiday? USA TODAY, By Chelsey Cox, June 15th 2022 What Is Juneteenth? Juneteenth commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States. ELIZABETH NIX UPDATED:JUN 17, 2022 ORIGINAL:JUN 19, 2015 How to properly celebrate Juneteenth in the age of commercialization June 20, 2022 5:03 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition By Destinee Adams Segment 2: Massachusetts school can no longer be called Catholic after flying Black Lives Matter and pride flags, bishop says CBS News JUNE 16, 2022 Segment 3: My Religion Makes Me Pro-abortion The Atlantic, By Danya Ruttenberg, June 14th 2022 Segment 4: Public's belief in God drops to historic low: Poll MSN, By Luke Gentile, June 17th 2022 Gallup: Only 81% of Americans believe in God, an all-time low Only Sky, by HEMANT MEHTA, June 17th 2022 Don't like ads? Consider becoming a patron for commercial-free episodes: We welcome your comments on the thread for this show. ► ► Contact us with questions or news stories at:

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