The Non-Prophets 21.23 06-05-2022 with Secular Rarity, Scott Dickie, Richard Gilliver, and Cynthia McDonald

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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.23 airing Sunday, 06-05-2022 featuring Secular Rarity, Scott Dickie , Richard Gilliver and Cynthia McDonald. This week’s episode covers… Another deep dive episode where we cover two major topics. Abortion going illegal throughout the land, and a devastating shooting in Buffalo. Let’s get into it. First up we look at how Oklahoma is making it illegal to be a woman with their latest abortion bans. While it is the most restrictive in the US we discuss what is and is not allowed. It might not be as bad as first reported, but restless assured, it is still horrible. While on the topic of abortion we look at the Turn Away study. Showing the effects on being allowed abortions, or what happens when women are denied them. You might be surprised by the numbers, if you lived under a rock that is. Lastly, Did the Buffalo shooter get radicalized by Tucker Carlson? Is Fox News responsible for the content they put out, or are they just there to poison peoples minds? I’m just asking questions! Like, isn’t it weird everyone at Fox News is distancing themselves from hours of Replacement Theory content? I mean they didn’t load the guns, but did they pull the trigger through their rhetoric? It seems to me that the answers are clear, but we are just asking questions right? Right?! Segment 1a - Abortion Not OK in OK Oklahoma passes strictest abortion ban; services to stop AP, By Sean Murphy, May 19 2022 Segment 1b - The Turn away study A landmark study tracks the lasting effect of having an abortion — or being denied one NPR, By Megan Burbank, May 15 2022 Segment 2 - Can we Replace this “Theory” Conservatives Are Defending a Sanitized Version of ‘The Great Replacement’ The Atlantic, By Adam Serwer, May 18 2022 Additional links: A neo-Nazi idea to spark a race war inspired the Buffalo killings Vox, By Zack Beauchamp, May 16 2022 The Great Replacement: The Past & Disturbing Present of American Nazis Skepchick, Rebecca Watson, ~May 16 2022 Fox News Suddenly Goes Quiet on ‘Great Replacement’ Theory After Buffalo Shooting The Guardian, Adam Gabbatt, May 17 2022

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