The Atheist Experience 26.31 07-31-2022 with Jim Barrows and Christy Powell

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Welcome back to the Atheist Experience everyone! Today, here to kick off our first episode back in the studio are your hosts, Jim Barrows and Christy Powell! Our first audience question is from Aaron from TX who is wondering how our host’s ended up volunteering here at the ACA? Rodney from MI is calling to prove the existence of the Christian God. Their evidence is that they believe in Jesus and his life story, and the likeness of the near-death experience accounts. Next is Gohan from TX who wants to know when it is ok to force someone else’s to use their body without their permission? This person is like the magic eight ball of anti-abortion arguments, always wrong. Next is Andrew from TX who asks why theist apologists continue trying to use the non-interactive deistic “nothing” god as a stepping stone to get to their own interactive god. Up next is Vàclav from the Czech Republic who is calling to tell us about the biblical stories and mythological claims that convinced them in the past. Next up is Larry from TX gets annoyed when people tell him that Atheism is just another religion and is wondering if the host’s have any advice for how to respond. Nancy from TX points out that Austin is known as a beacon of blue in a sea of red, and is concerned about how the insane governmental decisions are going to affect that “balance.” Steve from FL is grieving a loved one, and despite recognizing the irrationality of believing in a God without evidence, they still feel a pull towards it due to the hope it gives of seeing them again. The caller is wondering if our hosts have any advice for how to sequester this feeling of hope.

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