The Atheist Experience 26.30 07-24-2022 with Jim Barrows and Kenneth

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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Jim Barrows is joined by Kenneth! First up is Kevin from FL who compares our relationship to God, as a child’s to their parents. From this, the caller claims that God’s past actions and “rules” about morality are disagreeable to us because we are incapable of understanding his reasoning in a similar manner to how a child doesn’t understand why playing video games all day can be detrimental. Marcus from KY apparently has a miraculous survival story after getting attacked by a black bear. What about the story indicates a miracle occurred? Jay from MO asks our hosts about evil atheists and if they would want to live in a sin filled, evil atheist world filled. I’m not necessarily saying the framing of the question is underdeveloped, but, I’m definitely saying that. Jody from DC is coming in with a plan to prove God’s existence with metaphysics and ontology. I am looking for an oasis of a single relevant point in this expansive desert of ideas. Next is Mohammed in the United Arab Emirates who is an Atheist parent with a child entering the school system soon, and doesn’t want to outright tell their kid that God is made up, but also doesn’t want their child to be pressured into Islam by those around them. Next is Rich from GA who asks our hosts if they would think getting cast into hell by God is unfair because they maintained their skepticism and didn’t accept God prior to their death? Well yeah, obviously. Up next is Michael from FL came out of religion and became a skeptic relatively recently, and explains that when he hears personal religious anecdotes, they feel like they have to actively hold back their years of indoctrination that draws them to those claims, but recognizes that just “tuning it out” is no longer skepticism.

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