Talk Heathen 06.31 07-31-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Jim Barrows

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Welcome back to Talk Heathen everyone! Today, here to kick off our first episode back in the studio are your hosts, ObjectivelyDan and Jim Barrows! First up is Elizabeth from the UK who has been blacklisted for finding housing by a fundamentalist social worker for being an out atheist. Next up is Nate from CA who believes that you cannot be an atheist to a deist god. The Atheist position exists in accordance with the claim that a God exists, the specific characteristics of which are irrelevant. Next up is Alok from CA is an Atheist who is struggling with the question of what kickstarted the universe. The caller understands that inserting God doesn’t further our understanding of the subject, but wants to know if humans will ever actually find out a definitive answer. Ryan from Utah recently watched a debate, and was caught off guard by the theist perspective that humans cannot ground logic & reason without the Christian God? What did people do before Judaism or Christianity?

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