Episode 11: Scent of a Woman

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Al Pacino is doing his finest *hoo-ah* in this movie. In fact, I was *hoo-ah* throughout the movie despite it being two-and-a-half hours long. Although Frank pointing his *hoo-ah* at Charlie towards the end of the film made me uncomfortable, it was nice to see that they bonded over *hoo-ah* by the movie's end.
00:33 Introduction to podcast and this week’s film: Scent of a Woman
02:57 Overall thoughts on the film
06:53 What we think of one-man shows
10:10 Discussion of the characters
13:20 B-plot discussion
21:52 Al Pacino’s acting as a blind jerk
23:13 Frank’s characterization
28:16 Tidbits and Danny’s Did You Knows
35:10 Things we didn’t like about the film
45:57 A funny
51:16 Endings are tough
57:02 Final thoughts and scores
59:18 Announcing next week’s film and plugs (money!)

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