Blank Slate: Reconsidering the FPL Assets We’ve Ignored

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As midfielders like Bernardo Silva, Mason Mount, and Son Heung-min emerge from GW15 with incredible fantasy returns, it's the perfect moment for us to wipe the slate clean and reconsider some assets who we've unjustly pushed aside. And is this refresh of midfield options going to push FPL managers from "big at the back" to five across the middle? The Cheaters also preview GW16 and the impact of intervening midweek Champions League matches before discussing the enticing fixture turn for Manchester United, now under Ralf Rangnick. Is it time to move back to Ronaldo or even bring in a United defender? Plus, we chat Chelsea defense, Ivan Toney's COVID-19 test, and the ongoing Harry Kane saga. Hail Cheaters!

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