S3, E20 - Nothing Really Matters

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Manage episode 326622347 series 2945747
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Mark and Kenny dive deep - no, really deep - in a warts-and-all conversation about the complicated and confounding final single from Ray of Light. Topics include the musical clash between Marius de Vries and William Orbit, the return of Niki Haris and Donna DeLory, a spin around the East Village with Kruder & Dorfmeister, building an entire video around a literary pseudonym, the one subject that still upsets Madonna, Kenny works out with Rupert Everett, and a winning visit to the Grammy Awards. PLUS, Kenny and Mark unearth and endlessly unpack the true Madonna biopic - the 1998 VH1 special (and essential) Madonna Rising. There’s even a cameo by Larry King. Tell Bad Boy Johnny we want our synths back!

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