Radical freedom from addictions, cravings, and compulsive patterns with Ben Tannahill

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Ben is a trauma-informed somatic inquiry facilitator and founder of drunken buddha where he helps people to live in radical freedom from addictions, cravings and compulsive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

We chat about:

  • What somatic inquiry is and how it can change your drinking
  • The importance of tuning into your body
  • Tips for managing cravings
  • How trauma relates to addiction
  • What’s missing from traditional recovery programs like AA
  • And more!

Find Ben:

Website: www.drunkenbuddha.net

Facebook: Drunken Buddha

Free Nervous System Regulation Mega-Toolkit: https://www.drunkenbuddha.net/nervous-system-regulation-toolkit-landing

FREE resources to support you:

100 Questions to Change Your Drinking: https://www.alcoholtippingpoint.com/100questions

Dry Guide: https://www.alcoholtippingpoint.com/dryguide

10 Day Break: https://www.alcoholtippingpoint.com/10dayholiday

Mocktail Recipe Book: https://www.alcoholtippingpoint.com/mocktailrecipes

Alcohol Tipping Point Blog: https://www.alcoholtippingpoint.com/blog

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