206: Rock n roll lifestyle to Sober Guitar Coach - Tom Bowen

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Janey chats to former Calvin Klien model Tom Bowen about his modelling days, his work as a touring musician and his descent into drug and alcohol addiction. He talks about his recovery and his work now as a 'Sober Guitar Coach'
Find Tom on instagram or at Wigan Guitar Lessons
Tapping into Selfcare in Sobriety
Join our online group coaching programme Tapping into Selfcare - sustainable sobriety and beyond, its a v small group so lots of attention! It doesn't matter what stage you are at, but we won't be focusing on stopping drinking on this programme, its all about the 'uplevelling' and boosting our emotional wellbeing (and knowing me I will stray into the physical too!)
In addition to experiencing tapping routines (no previous experience needed) we will incorporate some other wonderful practices that help to calm anxiety and boost wellbeing, and will focus on living our best life without the booze. We will look at 'extreme selfcare' a lovely expression coined by lifecoach Cheryl Richardson. and how we can step into and embrace our new sober identity, set boundaries and find our (potentially new) purpose. There are some recorded audio meditations with this programme - all materials yours to use beyond the course, and 3 live zoom sessions, starting Wed 9 Nov - we have a dedicated Whats App group too, where I am always on hand for Q and A
Check it out
Follow Janey on social media @janeyleegrace and join us for inspiration and accountability at www.thesoberclub.com

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