the sentience of the lamdas

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Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, starting with the Department of Defense releasing its Responsible AI Strategy. In the UK, the Ministry of Defence publishes its Defence AI Strategy. The Federal Trade Commission warns policymakers about relying on AI to combat online problems and instead urges them to develop legal frameworks to ensure AI tools do not cause additional harm. YouTuber Yannic Kilcher trains an AI on 4chan’s “infamously toxic” Politically Incorrect board, creating a predictably toxic bot, GPT-4chan; he then uses the bot to generate 15,000 posts on the board, quickly receiving condemnation from the academic community. Google suspends and then fires an engineer who claimed that one of its chatbots, LaMDA, achieving sentience; former Google employees Gebru and Mitchell write an opinion piece saying they warned this would happen. For the Fun Site of the Week, a mini version of DALL-E comes to Hugging Face. And finally, IBM researcher Kush Varshney joins Andy and Dave to discuss his book, Trustworthy Machine Learning, which provides AI researchers with practical tools and concepts when developing machine learning systems. Visit our to explore the links mentioned in this episode.

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