AOA 11-25-22

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On Friday's AOA, Mike started the show with a look at the markets, which are open on the day after Thanksgiving, and a look at some positive news on the beef export front from Japan. Then, Julia Harris, Senior Policy Advisor with the Bipartisan Policy Center joined the show with a look at the state of rural healthcare and what could be coming in 2023. In segment 2, we revisited a conversation with Brian Winnikins, owner and farm director at WRDN radio in Durand, Wisconsin about the future of AM radio. For segment 3, Sigrid Johannes of the Public Lands Council discussed the addition of the Lesser Prairie Chicken to the Endangered Species List and how it could impact cattlemen and women. To close the show, Robert White, VP of Industry Relations with RFA, provided an update on biofuel demand from a retailers perspective, and discussed some new partners in the fight for year round E15.

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