10. Buprenorphine Tapering

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In episode 10 we discuss an article about buprenorphine tapering.
Bozinoff N, Men S, Kurdyak P, Selby P, Gomes T. Prescribing Characteristics Associated With Opioid Overdose Following Buprenorphine Taper. JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(9):e2234168.
Take a look at Riggs, KR, DeRussy, AJ, Leisch, L, et al. Sensitivity of health records for self-reported nonfatal drug and alcohol overdose. Am J Addict. 2022; 1- 6.
We also discuss the federal government’s plan to provide care for people with opioid use disorder during pregnancy.
Watch Matthew Perry talk about his new memoir about addiction and recovery with Diane Sawyer.
Resources for safer drug use from the Harm Reduction Research and Treatment Center.
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