Episode 451 - Maximum Minneapolis

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Further expanding our recent slew of city-centric shows, Craig took a brief trip to the Twin Cities area and scored five killer beers from Minneapolis breweries. In addition to learning about weird Minnesota beer laws and Ryan trying to imagine Feather Bowling, Craig snagged an interview with Dan Herman and Tom Berg of Falling Knife Brewing. Also, we consider what it’d take to become a sommelier for pancakes (batterino), aim our gripes at the inventor of ducking autocorrect, and get goofily excited over a sticker.

Falling Knife Interview (00:47:05 - 00:57:24)

Beers Reviewed

Utepils Brewing Company - Helles (Helles Lager)

La Doña Cervecería - Doña Oscura (Dark Lager)

Modist Brewing Co. - Small Hang Glide (Wheat Pale Ale)

Pryes Brewing - Royal Raspberry Sour (Berliner Weisse w/ raspberry)

Falling Knife Brewing Company - Very Old Painless (Bourbon barrel-aged English Barleywine)

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