#93 - How to fuel your marathon training with Tom Hollis (Registered Dietitian)

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In episode 93, I speak with Tom Hollis who is a Registered Dietitian specialising in intensive care and endurance sport, he is an experienced practitioner working in the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) and works in private practice.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • The significance of micronutrients.
  • The importance of protein for muscle adaptations, and carbohydrates for fuelling long distance training and racing.
  • We cover areas runner’s tend to neglect nutrition wise.
  • The negative impact that fasted running and under fuelling has on increasing stress on body, thus reducing performance.
  • Plant based food choices (from breakfast to dinner) before a peak session.
  • Non plant based food choices (from breakfast to dinner) before a peak session.
  • Whether you need vitamin supplements.
  • How to manage GI distress for runner’s.
  • Marathon fuelling tips.
  • And much more...


Please find him @plantrunner_rd on instagram and tomhollishealth.com for his website and blog.


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