#92 - Kevin Quinn from heart surgery to 2:22 marathon, coaching, and pacing the Olympic marathon trails

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In episode 92, I speak with Kevin Quinn, a father of three. A 2.22.12 marathon runner and head coach at Team Real Runners.

Kevin was one of the pacers for the Great Britain marathon trails for the Tokyo Olympics, where Steph Davis won and earned a qualifying place. To listen to the conversation with Steph look at episode 89.

In 2016, after running 2 hrs 25 mins at the 2015 London Marathon Kev found out he had 4 holes in his heart (largest being 1.78cm) and had to have heart repair surgery to close the 4 holes in his heart. This meant he lost 20-25% oxygen for every heartbeat.

The operation was a success and despite getting older, he is now running faster than ever, winning the New York City virtual marathon.

We talk about the impact his father and sister passing away has on him today. It’s a great and rounded conversation showing the different sides of a runner’s life.


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