#87 - Nathan Martin on setting a marathon PR and breaking a national record

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This conversation is with Nathan Martin, who ran 2:11:05 at the Marathon Project in December 20 2020. Not only was this a PR but Nathan broke Herm Atkins’ record of 2:11:52, by running the fastest marathon ever run by a Black man born in the United States. This record stood since 1979.

I recorded this episode, shortly after the Marathon Project, but I held it back because there were a few other podcasts, and I wanted to give this episode some clear space once the dust had settled.

In this conversation we discussed:

  • The importance that teamwork and community play as an athlete;
  • Bouncing back from the Olympic trails marathon;
  • How to keep enjoyment in training;
  • How to keep the training not just focused on solely running fast;
  • A race breakdown of the Marathon project;
  • What does potential look like;
  • The importance of mantras.


His social links are:


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