9_A Basic Checklist of Being a Good Human Being_IMPORTANT_Guidelines for being a good person弟子規

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Hello. This is A Buddhist Practitioner’s Podcasts. In the previous programme we learned that respecting and loving our parents is the roots of all virtues and the foundation of Confucian and Buddhist teachings. But then, how do we respect and love our parents? Children of different cultures have different ways of expressing respect and love to their parents. In this programme we’ll learn how children in traditional China showed respect and love to their parents as well as others. What you’re going to hear is a translation of a Chinese textbook for young children written over 300 years ago. The title of the book is ‘Guidelines for Being a Good Person弟子規’. What’s detailed in the book is still relevant to us today. And before learning to become a Buddha, we must learn to be a good human being first.

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