Song, Scripture, and My Thoughts: Jesus Christ is the Great I Am, the Holy Bible

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Proclaiming Jesus Christ the Son of God through my ministry, titled: Song, Scripture, and My Thoughts. (A Worship song for the message, Scripture from the Holy Bible, Scripture meaning and My Thoughts). One God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I will help you grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God. I am trying to reach and teach the Lost Sheep. God saves; Jesus Christ came to save the lost. Bible study. Knowing God. Jesus Christ is Peace. Jesus Christ brings hope: He is the living hope. Jesus Christ gives us a new beginning. The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth. He is the Helper. Come to Jesus Christ, today; He is calling you. Ask, seek, knock. Learn about Him, I will teach you all that I know. Everything that God has shown me, and opened my ears to, I will share with you. Come to Him all who are weary. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my messages. I give God all the glory. Praise God.

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