Sustainability In The Air

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Welcome to Sustainability in The Air, the world’s first podcast dedicated to sustainable aviation. This show is brought to you by SimpliFlying, which has been helping build trust in travel for over a decade. The realm of sustainable aviation is going through a phase of rapid development - from new technologies to sustainable aviation fuel. Airline, airport and travel executives often struggle to make sense of what seems to be a Wild-West scenario. It's about time someone took the leadership to help make sense and guide the industry toward best practices for getting to net zero. It's about time we embarked on creating a sustainable future for the industry. The host of the show is Shashank Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying. Each season of the podcast will have 10 episodes that will deep dive into issues impacting aviation and travel globally from a sustainability perspective. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis and each episode will feature a top airline or technology C-level executive who will share their organisation's journey to building a sustainable future. Feel free to reach out via email to For more content about sustainable aviation visit our website and join the movement. It’s about time.

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