The New Testament Daily (with Jerry Dirmann)

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••• ABOUT THE PODCAST ••• Join us every day as Jerry reads through a New Testament chapter from the Bible. As he reads, he will share key insights and application points, to help you better understand what is being said, but also to apply it to your life. Grab your Bible to follow along as Jerry reads from New King James Version, and get ready to be encouraged and strengthened, as we journey through The New Testament Daily with Jerry Dirmann! ••• ABOUT JERRY + SOLID LIVES ••• Jerry Dirmann is the founder and president of Solid Lives, an international disciple-making and church planting ministry. He also serves as the Senior Pastor of The Rock, a multi-language and multi-campus ministry based in Anaheim, California. Jerry has a heart to raise up leaders to fulfill the assignment that God has for their lives, and to help people to be a solid life, founded on the rock of God's Word (Luke 6:47). ••• GET CONNECTED WITH US ••• To find out more and to be a part of the ministry of Solid Lives, visit To support this ministry and partner with us in getting the Word of God out around the world, visit

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