Tandia Talks Money

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Do the words banking, finance, and money set off alarm bells when you hear them? Are you yawning just thinking about budgeting and investing? Tandia Financial Credit Union is here to make banking more relatable by breaking down the barriers and stigmas surrounding money. Start your week off strong with your new banking BFF, Carla Ricci, who is coming to you every Monday from the credit union world where major financial decisions are as unique as you are. Talking about money doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact — it can be fun, approachable, and empowering. "Boring" is not part of this podcast's vocabulary, with a variety of topics you'll be sure to relate to including payday routines, the power of saying no, and building a financial road map. Tandia is committed to fostering a community through offering financial wellness programs and treats its members as if they were a neighbour. Perhaps it’s time to pass on the overpriced avocado toast (well, sometimes at least) and start a new kind of banking journey with Tandia. Visit tandia.com for more information.

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