Beyond Retirement

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Are you getting close to retirement and wondering what comes next? Or maybe you’ve found yourself retired and you weren’t really ready for it? You’re not alone … many people have no idea what retirement is going to bring. And the internet is full of financial advice for retirement, but there's not much about what really goes on after retirement. We all know that life doesn’t end at retirement – there’s potentially two or three more decades that we’re going to have to live through. So, the big question is … WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? This podcast gives you the answer. Come along with me while I figure out how to live "the life I have imagined." You’ll hear from men and women who have moved away from traditional 9-5 jobs, and from some who are retired, and you'll hear my thoughts as I make my own journey. Together we’ll figure out what comes next. This show isn’t about business and finances, it’s about life!

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