Wanderings and Wonderings - A Complexity Medicine Podcast with Dr. William Sutherland and Artist Andrew McClure

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Welcome to the Wanderings and Wonderings podcast, where, with our guests, we enjoy the opportunity to engage in conversations about Health, broadly, both in our lives and within the world at large. Ideas, of course, are a type of currency in the information age, but by focusing on a transaction of ideas alone, without context, we risk a profound impoverishment. In Wanderings and Wonderings, we look to foster the telling of stories, non-linearity, rich contextuality, passionate performance, embodied action, and exemplars of connective relationship. After listening in on these dialogues, we hope that besides walking away with a head bursting with inspired ideas, that you will also have a heart overflowing with deeply sensed feeling, as well as a gut centered in fortitude and certitude such that you can put into motion the individual and unique gifts you carry on behalf of us all! For more information on our work, contact us at www.complexitymedicine.org .

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