effortless and UNbothered

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Effortless and UNbothered explores what is holding women back at home, at work and in achievement in general. We encourage and challenge brave women who are committed to living their best lives by their own design. Whether the topic relates to self-love, self-improvement, confidence or control, we are striving for alignment, impact, growth and POWER! Your host, Darice Rene, is a Corporate Marketing Executive + Entrepreneur, Mom, Sister and Friend. She is a Badass when it comes to building profitable companies, building communities, personal growth and power. She is always challenging the status quo. With Effortless and Unbothered, you can expect to let your hair down in a safe space. We’ll laugh, cry, sing and shout! So get ready for practical tips, stories and a community of women learning and growing just like you. Connect with Darice on social @daricerene or contact her at daricerene[dot]com.

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