Essence'tially YOU Honest Conversations: Re-aligning to Your Sacred Rhythms

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Women are NOT robots, designed to go at full speed all the time and to overlook our desires and our deep need for pleasure, self-care, and the freedom to be who we are. And it’s time to talk about that. About the vital experience of re-aligning with your own sacred rhythm. In this series Melanie will be sharing intimate conversations with women who happen to be amazing clients, and who have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be out of sync and, with support, to come back into alignment with their sacred rhythm and essential expression. Each of these women have courageously made choices to slow down, unwind limiting beliefs around their body and expression, and rediscover the sacred inner wisdom that guides their lives. And they’re here to inspire you're own conversation around this and share a little bit about the journey.

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