Ten Minute Traffic and Funnels

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Howdy! I'm Kit Elliott. I help entrepreneurs build high converting sales funnels & get quality traffic for immediate sales & signups. I've built over 645 websites, 7+ membership sites and manage three different affiliate teams. At my blog, Match.biz, I talk about "Leveraged Affiliate Marketing" & the online business blueprint. As I find new tools & resources, I share with you my results as well as my failures so you can implement my wins as well as avoid my pitfalls. If you are looking to learn from a teacher's perspective where I break down advanced strategies into small actionable steps, then visit me at Match.biz. I left teaching back in 2005 after developing this formula and have used this blueprint in three different niches: Diet & Fitness, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Information Marketing. When I feel overwhelmed, I get my blueprint out & start planning my work & working my plan. Let me show you my roadmap to follow & let's use the principle of Kaizen to help me accomplish bigger goals. This internet hobby is not going away anytime soon. It's time that we use it to the world's advantage & raise each other up. We have the power to connect & financially lift each other out of working 40/50/60 hours per week. It's unacceptable in this day and age. We need to implement a blueprint AND then, work on adding automation rules that increase your monthly residuals. It's that simple. Will it take work? You betcha. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. Let's get it started....

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