A Swiftmas Surprise (13’s Version) (For Lacey)

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This is not an episode but a surprise. My 13 podcast fam surprised me during another recording, and I would like to share that as an individual, unedited non- episode.
Thank you to my wonderful fellow Swifties for making me feel so loved, and thank you Taylor for keeping us busy. It’s an honor to have not only this job, but the best co-workers and listeners imaginable. I’m so happy that we all have each other.
Also, Amy went for it with Nick. She shot her shot.
And stay tuned! There are at least three more episodes this year and then it’s…. 2022!
Happy holidays to all!
Love, Lacey
Btw- The All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) gift was a sweater. Me in all of my excitement didn’t say exactly what is was.

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