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Kumusic Radio Show is a format that has been carefully studied by Ku Music s.r.l.. an Italian company that specializes in promoting affirmed international talent as well as new up and coming ones. After producing some of the most successful radio shows on the Italian national networks Kumusic have now decided to export their own show onto a much larger platform, an international one, with the production being left in the hands of Glazersound (a young Italian producer) and Mc Fago (one of the countries top MC’s as well as frontman for Kumusic). The Kumusic Radio Show will feature the hottest new and most original tracks out there offering a chance for the listener to hear a program full of musical vibrations whilst at the same time never being banal or boring, in fact the play lists will be chosen by the guests themselves. The Show will be spread out in three blocks, the first 15 minutes will feature a chart that has been selected by Glazersound and McFago where there will be a run down of the newest international releases followed by the shows central part that will host a guest DJ thus offering each transmission a varied and exciting content, finally the last part of the show will showcase new up and coming Italian talent deejays who will select some of the best mash-ups or bootlegs currently doing the rounds, bringing new sounds to music lovers everywhere. Kumusic Radio Show is a new way to bounce along with the vibes, wherever you are. MUSIC SELECTOR AND VOICE: MC FAGO RESIDENT DJS: GLAZERSOUND http://www.kumusic.it

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