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Black Own Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show was est.09 under the name Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show. Twelve Radio was a skit as well as the self title of 12 Rounds Of Music recording artist footprints cd called “ hosted by the AV. The Reel Hip Hop Show is an urban talk show created and ran by ILLAMCO C.E.O “Mic Flex” from Southern California Inland Empire 909/951. 2008/2009 12 Rounds Of Music Promo Dir & CEO of The Reel Hip Hop Show “Adrian “Sharastafari”(known now as “Kingrasta28 Da Elda”)Elliot. debut Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop show on www.blogtalkradio,consist of: 1:Re release of 12 Rounds Of Music recording artist Sophomore mix cd Twelve hosted by the av on its Dat Piff site. 2.Co promote on air live Hop Da Great(know now as Hop Cashay) sophomore mix cd “Bigger Than Life” 3.Created the first female mc 3 day bashment show that would give a platform for emerging and established artist such as: 3a.Palua Perry(Bk)b. Empress Raw(Mia)c. Suga Wallz(Ari)d. Paper Doll(Philly)e. Diamonique(IE 909/951)f. Lady Stun(IE 909/951)g. Babs Bunny(Bk) 4.Created and did the first pop up podcast tour in ATL As well as music Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show also gives speeches from Malcolm X and comedy from Richard Pryor 2013 after parting ways with 12 Rounds Of Music Twelve Radio became Black Own Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show, under its new brand name came upgrades and creation of new show segments such as: 1a.Creation of the black own radio binary promo call “Lyrical Diva Binary promo b. Upgrade of the 3 Day Female Mc Bashment to “Sistren's In Music” with 3 binary dates: 1.Monday-Sistren In Music 2.Friday-Pure Barz 3.Saturday:Double Dutch Sat 2b.Creation of 2 show segment pitches: 1.Briding The Gap Between Us You And Them Threw Binary Sound waves 2.Woman's Rights Over Gay Rights 3c.Creation of Kings Court(must follow to catch)with Podcast Selector “KingRasta28 Da Elda”(formerly S

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