Temple of The Heart /Spirituality Beyond Religion

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Gaurahari das is a peacemaker, Founder,New Age,Spiritual, Christ/Krishna Consciousness centered facilitator/minister of the 501 C non-profit organization, temple of the Heart. He is a story teller extracting the practical application of enlivening juicy esoteric meanings of the divine lilas of the Eternal Absolute Truth recorded in the devotional literatures of Eastern Vedas and Western Biblical books. He tells instructive stories from the bible to the ancient Vedic devotional literatures from India that can powerfully contribute to awaking devotional spiritual experiences. These discussions practically inspire, empower, teach and resolve the essence of all common troubles in people’s lives. Gaurahari das's passion in life is to weave a pure loviing spiritual tapestry of channeling the intimate connection between east/west spiritual, devotional thought and Divine feeling experience; so much so that it can be easily felt and realized by those who hear these stories with thoughtful attention.

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