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Peter Manniche Riber, Learning Manager at Siemens, says that there is a huge gap between what vendors are offering and what organisations really need. Lisa Minogue-White discusses with Peter what organisations want from vendors for modern workplace learning.Από τον Colin Steed
Chairman of the LPI and the Learning Technologies Conference Donald Taylor talks to Lisa about his newly-released book 'Learning Technologies in the Workplace' - https://www.koganpage.com/product/learning-technologies-in-the-workplace-9780749476403#Από τον Colin Steed
Michelle Parry-Slater provides practical and pragmatic advice on how we can accelerate performance in our organisations and discusses what the future of learning in our organisations looks like. Interviewed by Lisa Minogue-WhiteΑπό τον Colin Steed
Paul Morgan, Head of Learning & Development at Telefonica O2, discusses the challenges facing the learning profession today and the types of skills that he expects of his team to deliver outstanding learning to a complex, fast-paced organisation. Additionally, Kim George recently attended a Creativity at Work event and tells us what she learned.…
Lisa talks to L&D maestro Donald Taylor about his recently-published book 'Webinar Master' and has a conversation with him on what he thinks are the key points to running a successful webinar and why they are such a valuable medium. They also discuss what the world of L&D is going to look like in the future.…
This episode features Clark Quinn of Quinnovator and The Internet Time Alliance. Lisa discusses with Clark 'the L&D Revolution' - a topic close to his heart and one that he's really passionate about. We also hear from Kim George who provides some tips on how to get the best from business networking.Από τον Colin Steed
In this episode Lisa talks to Mike Collins on the use and value of building both internal and external communities. Also in the episode we feature Kim George who is truly working out loud by sharing one day in her role as L&D Manager of Getty ImagesΑπό τον Colin Steed
In this episode, Lisa Minogue-White talks to Jane Bozarth about Working Out Loud and Showing Your Work, Technology and How Learners are Changing, and Badges & Gamification. Kim George continues her series on latest blogs and reviews a blog post from Ryan Tracey called 'Where is L&D Going?'Από τον Colin Steed
In this episode Lisa Minogue-White talks to David Kelly (@L&DDave), Programme Director of the e-Learning Guild, about the upcoming conference Devlearn and what he's looking forward to at the conference. We also feature a blog report from Kim George, who talks about what caught her eye in the blog from the ATD 'Six Tips for Using the Brain to Create…
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