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Who are the individuals of the church of Philadelphia? Why was this church promised to not go through the tribulation? How does this apply to us? In this week's teaching, Savannah Ball and Chelsea Delano share all about the letter to the church of Philadelphia.
Who are the people of the church of Sardis? How was this letter applicable to the church at the time of this letter's creation? How can we learn from the church of Sardis and live as overcomers? In this week's teaching, Matt Ball shares with us all about the letter to the church of Sardis.
Did you know that Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises a special blessing to the reader? Have you ever read the book of Revelation or has it intimidated you? In this week's teaching, Kameron Barton kicks off our Revelation series by giving a thorough introduction to the book and the information in the first chapter.…
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