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Terry & The Pirates

Terry & The Pirates

Humphrey Camardella Productions

Terry & The Pirates was a action-adventure drama featured realistically drawn adventures in the far east and had a serious bent to it, unlike many of the comics of the day. Terry Lee grew up in the strip opposite characters such as Pat Ryan, the soldier of fortune and "two-fisted journalist", Connie, the coolie and interpreter, and his nemesis, the Dragon Lady. Join us as we listen to every exciting episode of the great radio adventure.
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Terry and The Pirates. April 6, 1942. WGN, Chicago. Sponsored by: Libby's Tomato Juice. In Yang Kuk, April Kane asks Mr. Ling to help Big Stoop. The magician, Foo Ling offers to show Big Stoop the "Rainbow Stick." Frank Hummert (producer), Anne Hummert (producer), Milton Caniff (creator).…
Terry and The Pirates. April 2, 1942. The Dragon Lady has been shot and asks Terry for help! Somebody is trying to kill her. Baron De Plexus is the one who's gunning for the Dragon Lady! She's given up her career as China's most notorious bandit and may be working for the Chinese government! Frank Hummert (producer), Anne Hummert (producer), Milton…
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