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Treble & Vine

Treble & Vine

Arianna Lyrist

Join the community of music and wine influencers. Listen in and be a part of the discussion with industry professionals who are changing the dynamics of their careers. As the curator and host of Treble & Wine my goal is to share insight into the daily lives of these creatives to better inform, educate and advise anyone interested in navigating the craft and building a successful career.
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When it comes to wine-making, organic is one thing, but biodynamic is a whole different level. In this episode, Arianna Lyrist sips some certified vegan, biodynamic wine, The Bernhard Cabernet Sauvignon, with Mandy Crowe Koslin of up-and-coming natural wine company, Scout & Cellar. Mandy breaks down what makes a biodynamic wine and how they ensure …
Sit down and hang out with host Arianna Lyrist and Caleb McFarland, a native Virginian, music engineer/producer, world traveler, and Certified Sommelier. Drink wine with Caleb and Arianna as he regales us with stories about his passion for music engineering, journey to Nashville, life in the studio, how to complete a sound check, (one-two, one-two)…
Episode 2 of Treble&Vine features Jenelle Engleson, Certified Sommelier and Manager at Henley Restaurant located within the Aertson Hotel in Nashville, TN. Join us as we discuss biodyamic vs. standard agricultural practices, falling in love, Jenelle's journey from New York City Rockette to Sommelier, and box vs. can vs. bottle wine options. Follow …
The sommelier life doesn’t depart much from being a stage performer. Being the director of food and wine in a restaurant involves the evocation of emotions in people, just like a singer or dancer would during a performance. Jenelle Engleson is no stranger to the metaphor as she has glided in both pairs of shoes during the course of her adult life. …
Given the natural sophistication of wine, it is indeed more than just a passionate beverage, but also a unique way to connect with people, immerse in a particular culture, and go to your relaxing place. This is why wine enthusiasts exist, and John Dyke is one of them. Known prominently as John the Dropout, he joins Arianna Lyrist to share how his d…
Episode #75 of Groove - The No Treble Podcast is here. This month’s guest is the insanely talented Charles Berthoud. Already recognized as one of the masters of the two-handed tapping technique, Charles plays the bass like a piano, accompanying himself with multiple parts.Από τον Mitch Joel
When you have a guitarist who can create riffs like Megadeth’s frontman, Dave Mustaine, you just know that the bottom end is going to be driving too. And, in this case – and for many decades – David Ellefson has delivered the goods. We chat with him in this episode of Groove.Από τον Mitch Joel
Mr. Bungle released “The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo” in October, re-recording of their earliest material (that fans were begging for). In this month’s episode of Groove, we chat with Trevor Dunn, who plays with Mr. Bungle and many more.Από τον Mitch Joel
If you Google Wylie Gelber, you won’t find much. But the bassist for Dawes (and luthier) has quite a story. You will have to listen to this new Groove episode to believe it - his story is about a million times more fascinating and surprising than anything you’ve read so far.Από τον Mitch Joel
Half joke, half one-hit-wonder, all bad. Co-hosts Jeff Terich and Candice Eley ponder the question, "are there any good novelty songs?" Based on what they, there are not. Plus, this month's recommended track: "Two Hour Lunch" by Thank.Από τον Treble Media
Co-hosts Jeff Terich and Candice Eley love goth music. In fact, Candice might be one of the biggest Cure fans on the planet. But they definitely don't love these particular songs, even if other goth fans do. Spoiler: none of these songs are by The Cure, because their songs are great.Από τον Treble Media
Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Crust and...Nu? There's a lot of metal out there in music land, and let's face it - some of it is pretty terrible. Even legendary artists aren't safe in our look at the worst metal songs ever. Plus, hosts Jeff and Candice share Treble's Essential Track for July: Self-Regulating System by Pharmakon.…
The team at Treble recently ran down the 50 best hip hop albums from the current millennium, so naturally we had to ask: what's the absolute worst hip hop song? It's gonna be a tough call, if Kanye, Lil Wayne and Insane Clown Posse have any say in it. Plus, hosts Jeff and Candice share Treble's Essential Track for May: Holding Pattern from Big Brav…
What do Peter Frampton, Weezer and Portugal The Man all have in common? And exactly what do adult contemporary hit songs, internet memes, and NPR have to do with shrimp scampi? And how does Carrie Brownstein play into all this? There's only one way to find out.Από τον Treble Media
It's March Madness! And no, we don't mean basketball. But we do think the folks that recorded these sports anthems must be mad. From songs you hear at stadiums to those bizarre tracks recorded by the players themselves, these sports songs have us crying foul.Από τον Treble Media
Ah, love. It's inspired so many songs over the centuries, and so many of those songs are...just downright terrible, really. Hosts Candice Eley and Jeff Terich are here to cure your Valentine's hangover with a straight shot of cheese-tastic love songs.Από τον Treble Media
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