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What does it take to be willing to suffer the scorn of others for speaking up for Jesus? I. We need clarity about the kind of God and gospel worth suffering for. II. We need contentment in God’s providence. III. We need confidence in God’s power to preserve the gospel.Από τον Ted Wenger
At Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, our senior pastor began a new sermon series looking at the parables of the Kingdom of God. He encouraged us that Jesus is not a tricky teacher; Jesus wants us to understand him and his teachings. Parables help us come to grips with the fact that this world is not our home.…
What kind of God is this who calls an apostle to martyrdom, who calls a Timothy to share in suffering, who calls upon us to not be ashamed of him, his gospel, and his people? I. His saving grace. II. His calling grace. III. His sovereign grace. IV. His eternal grace. V. His Christ-centered grace. VI. His liberating grace.…
At Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, our senior pastor Rev. Craig Bailey preached again from I Corinthians 2:1-5 focusing on how we must live in light of the "other-worldliness" of our faith. Faith places us in Christ's kingdom, a kingdom not of this world.Από τον Rev. Craig Bailey
How do you lead Christians to serve Jesus and to keep on serving him? I. V3 Encourage before you exhort. Pray before you pronounce. II. V4 Build loving friendship before commanding faithful labor. III. V5 Affirm God’s work in them, before assigning them work for God.Από τον Ted Wenger
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