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The Credit Repair Help Desk

The Credit Repair Help Desk

The Credit Repair Help Desk

The Mission of The Credit Repair Help Desk Podcast is unlock the mysteries associated with the credit reporting process and give the listener all the tips, tools and techniques needed to delete all negative items, raise their credit scores and never have bad credit again. Even if the negative items are actually theirs. Support this podcast:
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Host: Rudy Stebih The new Aero user interface adds a powerful enhancement called Windows Flip 3D. With Windows Flip 3D, you can quickly preview all of your open windows without having to click the taskbar. Running time: 2:05Από τον Rudy Stebih
Host: Rudy Stebih In the previous episode, we introduced you to the new Ribbon bar which replaces the traditional menus which had become increasingly cluttered as more features and commands were added. The Ribbon bar commands are organized into tabs that group related commands together. Running time: 2:56…
Host: Rudy Stebih Over the past few years, a new type of backup utility that backs up entire PC systems using system images has become quite popular. These types of backups protect against a hardware crash, for example, if your hard drive completely fails, you can purchase a new drive and use the system image to restore the PC to its previous state…
Host: Rudy Stebih If your new to Office 2010, you will have noticed the NEW graphical user interface called the ‘Ribbon’ bar. If you’re an Office 2007 user, not so much. You will be glad to know that the interface of all the Office programs is pretty much the same. Follow along with me as I walk you through this new ‘Ribbon’ user interface and you’…
Host: Rudy Stebih Too many people don't think about backing up their data until it's too late and the data has already been lost. This shouldn't ever be the case, but, unfortunately, it is. Windows Vista contains a reliable backup and restore solution for both data files and the entire computer. Running time: 3:41…
Host: Rudy Stebih If your looking to change your screen resolution to fit more windows on your screen or to make the windows larger if your having trouble seeing the window, this video will show you how to make the screen resolution larger or smaller. That is to say, make your windows screen larger or smaller. Running time: 1:29…
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