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Everyone loves Paul Mescal right? Although he has become such a global superstar we must claim him back as our own. Also, Charlie Hedges is here for a game of Top Of The Shops to find out what listener Jessica has been buying too much of.Από τον BBC Radio 1
Greg tries to deceive the listeners but a noisy mouse gives the game away. Also, Snoochie Shy asseses your inebriated festive voice-notes and Liv The Young Coach Driver made the awful mistake of listening to the show whilst at the dentist.Από τον BBC Radio 1
A master traitor, a dating Niamh, a festive Plumb, a giant Jigsaw, some victorious Lionesses, a Stormzy Sit Down Stand Up, a race to The Big Weekend, Ezra Vs Morgan, a Merry Christmas Magpie, Ainsley and a fish in the bath, a murder mystery, The Rock Unpopular Opinion, wacky quizzers, talking dogs and plenty of wronguns! What a year for The Radio 1…
The Doubtfire Dog, Acoustic Cow, Talking Duck and many, many more – it’s the Radio 1 Breakfast end of the year request show. Also, our youngest ever quizzers attempt to escape the boiler room, Danza Sarah plays WrongUns and the Mike the Merry Christmas Magpie has sent Greg a Christmas pressie.Από τον BBC Radio 1
Greg wants Long Boi the longest duck on the last show but worries that Long Boi won’t be around long enough or that the show won’t be on for long enough for Long Boi to appear. Also, Danny Howard and Sarah Story judge your nights out, Clara Amfo hears your stories of Irish Dancing and Baywatch re-enactments , making her think that you had some Luck…
Greg opens up the lines for you to ask him anything but wasn’t prepared for Lyle’s bombshell question. Also, things are getting Christmassy so we bring out the Stormzy Christmas Story and we catch up with new show favourite Aileen.Από τον BBC Radio 1
We help listener Tasmin try and piece together a half heard conversation, we conduct a live experiment in an actual laboratory with a pizza and an iron and worry that Calum from Newsbeat is dead inside as he doesn’t have a favourite dinosaur.Από τον BBC Radio 1
Greg chats to Seb ahead of the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup final. Also, previous World Cup winner Martin Norris plays WrongUns, listener Donna wakes up her boyfriend with the Opportunity Clock and The Big Disco Balls battle out the quiz final.Από τον BBC Radio 1
Greg and Bella get a lesson in ethical consumerism from Design and Technology teacher Mr Brandy.They'll start by looking at their own purchasing decisions: what's the last item they bought and why? They'll look at the oldest items in their wardrobes to see what that might tell us about how sustainable our current fashions are. As a case study, they…
Following the release of her latest album, 'Midnights', Greg and Bella find out if Taylor Swift is a great poet, as well as a great songwriter.English teacher Miss Tiddy is a Taylor Swift superfan, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Taylor Swift's music (and dating history!). In this lesson, she'll use techniques familiar from English Language GCSE …
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