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The White Sox had ANOTHER banner week. Felt like there were a million different storylines and we try to cover them all. The Cubs had a dreadful series vs the Yankees and Rizzo made the local news, we get into that as well. Thanks for listening!Από τον Fielder's Choice Podcast
The Cubs are actually fun to watch! What's going on with them and can anyone stop Seiya Suzuki? The White Sox hitters are having a rough go but their pitching staff is carrying them to first place, just like everyone expected. We also do our awards team draft, who's taking home the hardware?
Baseball games happened and it was wonderful. We had some bumps along the way, but for the most part, the games were great! Cubs and Brewers' benches cleared again. The White Sox lost 2 major players to injures (Again). Acuña and Freeman "clash"?? There's so much to talk about.Από τον Fielder's Choice Podcast
Another huge episode this week, because it's Opening Day week!! We catch up on a LOT of White Sox news, some good and some bad. (47:00) Then we get to some bets, our guys and the team of the podcast! You won't believe who picked!Από τον Fielder's Choice Podcast
The lockout is a thing of the past! What happened with the CBA, what's new, what's happening this season? Free agency is off to a hot start and we touch every signing! We talk about all the crazy trades and what's coming next. This episode is packed! Baseball's back back!Από τον Fielder's Choice Podcast
We recap the little MLB news that exists and then we do some fan surveys, they're fun. We also talk about Jon Lester's legacy which happens to involve Mark Buehrle (I spelled that correctly without Googling it). It's a fun episode with some hard hitting questions, you should play along as we do it. Thanks for listening!…
Ramiro is back in the studio and he gives us a Cubs' fan's perspective on the Stroman signing. We talk about the owners and the lockout then we touch on a couple of random teams. Check out the livestream every Thursday, 8PM atΑπό τον Fielder's Choice Podcast
It's the holiday season and we're back! We catch up on the World Series champion and official team of the podcast, Atlanta Braves (8:57). We recap the White Sox (8:19)and Cubs offseason moves (34:20). We recap all of the free agent moves (46:32) and then we touch a little bit on the lockout (01:29:19).…
It's going to be a very busy trade deadline and we're here to get you ready for it. What should we expect from the Cubs who have a lot of pieces that other teams will be interested in. The White Sox need bullpen help, will they get it? There's also a lot of other stuff going on, including Max Scherzer, Byron Buxton and Trea Turner.…
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