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Alicia and Kevin get back on the horse after a break, just the two of them! So I guess it's more of a tandem horse, which would be an extra-long horse with two saddles? Or a centaur-like horse where the upper-body part that's usually humanoid is actually the front-half of a horse, so it's got three sets of horse-legs? We do not talk about this at a…
Hosts Kevin Lee and Alicia Tobin welcome comedian Brett Nikolic to talk about living with cerebral palsy and hemiplegia, as well as how to Home Alone your dad, glow-in-the-dark handcuffs ownership, and journalling.Από τον Super! Sick! Podcast!
Hosts Alicia Tobin and Kevin Lee return after a long hiatus to talk with the fantastic actor Amitai Marmorstein about Crohn's disease, hope vs wishing, and hawks and seals, sorta.Από τον Super! Sick! Podcast!
Hosts Alicia Tobin and Kevin Lee welcome the wonderful writer and comedian Fatima Dhowre to talk about living with Chiari malformation, doing comedy, and we get into some train-talk. TOOT TOOT!Από τον Super! Sick! Podcast!
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