The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Chiefs/Bengals preview with BLEAV's Joe Valerio

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This week, John and Anthony preview the Bengals' big matchup against the Chiefs, complete with an in-depth look at the matchup with for mer Kansas City offensive lineman, Joe Valerio. The current BLEAV host talks about the rematch and what to expect in Week 13.

On tap this week:

-How surprised was Joe about the Bengals' AFC Championship win? (3:51)

-The Chiefs are still rolling, even without Tyreek Hill. What is their WR corps doing to pick up the slack so well? (11:53)

-The Justin Reid/Hayden Hurst quotes (31:33)

-Is this rivalry becoming one of the best in the NFL? (38:22)

And much more!

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