#10918 Open Forum - Mark Brumley

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Questions Covered: 03:54 – What’s the Catholic perspective on self-help books? 7:45 – Did the fall of angels happen before or after Adam and Eve? 13:24 – What is a well-formed conscience and how does one form one? 20:08 – How can the NAB be an approved bible if there are some passages, mainly the story of the woman in adultery is included but states that it’s potentially not in the original? 28:50 – How did evil come to be? The bible doesn’t really talk about it but it seems like other religious writings talk about it. 35:48 – Did Jesus tell Peter to build the Church upon the rock before or after the crucifixion? 42:07 – If you’re addicted to a sin and commit it habitually does that make it a mortal sin? 47:06 – How do Catholics balance assenting to authority and knowing when to revolt against spiritual authority? 53:55 – Is it permissible for a Catholic organist to play at an Episcopal church? …

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