Ep. 50: 50th Episode Celebration

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Milestones deserve to be celebrated. I'm so grateful I get to celebrate 50 episodes with you!
I am honored to have the return of previous guests, Dilip Ramachandran and Laura Lewis-Barr. This episode is a conversation between friends. It's raw, it's vulnerable, it's real. We talk about

  • The Secret About Growth
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • The Importance of Believing in yourself
  • And so much more!

Dilip Ramachandran first appeared as a guest in Episode 17: How to Turn Things Around. Dilip is Chief Product Therapist at Nimi, a transformative product development agency focused on matching high growth FinTech startups in the US with highly reliable and skilled experts in Sri Lanka. Dilip is the author of "Gangsta PM" and it is exploring the intersection of finding personal purpose and growing in your product management career and breaking into a senior leadership.
Laura Lewis-Barr first appeared in Episode 28: Tell a Better Story. Her episode is currently the most downloaded episode of Leadership School. Laura has been exploring authenticity and storytelling on theatre stages and corporate boardrooms for 20 years. She offers popular public speaking seminars and specializes in helping executives and staff communicate their ideas with humor, vitality, and presence. An award-winning writer, Laura often coaches job seekers, executives, and managers, on how to perfect their own stories to inspire, motivate, and persuade others. More information on her company can be found at training4breakthroughs.com

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