30. playing darker songs, expect dead rabbits and blood on fire, and interview with Avalyn

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Sophie selected some darker songs to celebrate Autumn. Expect Dead Rabbits, Blood on Fire and Black Magic on this episode! She also had an interview with shoegaze band Avalyn who had their latest song mastered by Mark Gardener from legendary band RIDE.

Music featured on this episode:

  1. Deceits: Failures
  2. Funeral Lakes: Kingdom Fall
  3. Dead Rabbits: When the sun goes down
  4. Magic Wands: Black Magic
  5. Je T’AIME: Blood on Fire
  6. The Bankrobber: J. The Ripper
  7. SHEAFS: En route distress
  8. Avalyn: Distant days
  9. Sunstinger: Shadows
  10. Just Mustard: Still

Enjoy! Thanks for listening and subscribing! Say Hi on @purplemacpodcast on insta


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Enjoy! Thanks for listening and subscribing! Say Hi on @purplemacpodcast on insta.


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