Interview w/ Howard Falco - Author of I AM - The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are

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Howard Falco is a brilliant, humble and truly delightful spiritual teacher and someone I am honored to call my friend. Howard's words, both spoken and written, are rooted in a balmy, loving essence that cradles you as you seek to release what's holding you back in life and replace it with what will spring you forward! Each and every conversation I share with Howard leaves me feeling peaceful and faith-filled. You can have anything you want in this life and Howard will show you the way! ~ Kristen Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher, peak performance/mental strength coach, author and expert on human understanding and potential. Howard works on using the power of true mindfulness with college and professional athletes and coaches in almost every sport along with everyday individuals looking for empowerment of mind. He has authored two books on the power of the mind, “I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are” & “Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life” (Penguin RandomHouse) . Howard has developed a rare insight and clarity regarding how any individual achieves peak performance and moves closer and closer to their full potential and true intentions. In a very relatable and effective way, Howard presents the wisdom regarding how to shift the probabilities of what is possible and how to step into that possibility with a new attitude and master awareness of mind, both in sports and in life. Connect with Howard here: Website: Podcast: Instagram, TikTok & YouTube: @HowardFalco

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